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:banghead: That is one S12L7 down and the other one smells like it is about to go. :banghead:


I had them wired at one ohm, so they were probably getting 1000 w rms with an amperage drop. The sub started cracking noises and just hummed. I have everything wired at 4 ohms now and I can honestly say, I miss that hard bass.


Further warning to L7 owners, it is not cool to have a mucho dollar sub go to sh!t, so wire with caution.

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OHH Sounds like fun!! I am one of those lucky people that has never toasted a sub... Now I have toasted a couple of component speakers before, but I am really hard on them and have them crossed over a little bit to low... Good luck fixing them... If you are considering replacements.. Diamond Audio just came out with some new crazy warranty that they are backing, Might want to check it out and look into there D6 or HEx Subs,


I am running my 3 12inch D6 subs and I run them hard with out a problem (I probably should not have opened my mouth) But they really stand behind there stuff!

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Oh the fun. I just recently smoked my 12" Alpine Type-R. Burned the DVC on it! Good times! Now I have 1 12" L7 wired at 2 ohm pusing 650 RMS. Sounds real good. My gain is a little under half and my remote bass knob is under half and my bass on the deck is all the way negative. You can hear me from a half mile!

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I do have warranty :D


My gain is about 3/8 of the way up, bass boost on the amps is 6db. Has been that way since day one. The bass knob is only up to the second notch too.



Sweet, glad to hear it. Regardless of were the bass and gain is now, it's gonna need adjustments before you do it again. Personally, I'd drop the bass boost back, most are just a distortion knob.


What are the details on the enclosure?

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