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Is this the right kit? Good price?


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I went to the local Les Schwab tire center and priced a drop kit for my truck. (I did the 4/6 on my 99 ecsb myself but right now that is not an option)

The kit consists of Belltech drop spindles (#2508) and drop shackles.

I read somewhere that the 2wd and Awd SSS need different drop spindles. Jonmalibuss has the same truck I got suspension wise and he has the #2507. Any info on this?


The price they gave me is broken down like this:

#2508 spindles $311.39

#6400 shackle kit $54.47

labor(2hrs) $140.00

Alignment $47.95


Sales tax $43.20

Total $597.01

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The price they gave me is broken down like this:

#2508 spindles                $311.39

#6400 shackle kit            $54.47

labor(2hrs)                      $140.00

Alignment                      $47.95


Sales tax                        $43.20

Total                              $597.01


That actually sounds like an average deal for what you are getting. My McGaughy's kit which is a 2/4 ran me about $420.00 to my door, but that did include hangers also. I paid $250.00 for labor which included an alignment. So all in all I paid about $670.00. Considering, if you did have hangers to install, they would probably charge you for another hour ($70.00) which brings you right to where I payed without paying for the hangers, whatever the price may be.



One suggestion though, make sure you have the front of the truck set up just the way you want it before getting the alignment because lowering the front via the torsion bars throws off the alignment, so I've read.


Late- Alex

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The price is ok, but you dont get a 4 inch drop with a shackle...  unless they are also removing springs.  For 4 inches and factory ride you need shackles and hangers.

All I am doing is a 2/2 for now. Next spring I plan to add the keys and a 4 link in the rear.

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