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I was not expecting this win


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I'm on I-95 on my back from gambling at mohegan sun and i have 3 of my friends in the truck going about 85(1am tryin to get home) when my friend goes i think that s2000 wants to play, i was like no he doesnt..sure he enough i hear the VRRRRRRRRRR of the vtec and he slows back down so i was like sure why not...so from about 75-120 i was pulling...and kept pulling until i stopped because i saw a crown vic in the middle lane up ahead and shit myself. I have Volant intake, B&B tri-flo exhaust and the superchips tuner plus i was on 22's with 3 other people in the car. I figured i'd beat an s2000 from the stop because of the AWD and torque but not on the highway. i was really impressed.

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