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Can someone help................


My mom was driving my truck to today and well the truck is now a right off........


i guess what i am asking is two things


i just had the truck in for the steering shaft changed and when we got it back the brakes were very sluggish so she took it back in and said there is something wrong with the brakes......they said they never even touched the brakes witch may be true i dont know...........does anyone know if the brakes would have been touched for any reason when the truck was in for the steering shaft?


second has there been any recalls on the brakes.........the reason i am asking this is the ABS never kicked in.......the truck never even skidded or nothing...........the brake was to the floor and it kept moving similar to what it would feel like if there was air in the lines.......


if anyone has some information for me i would appreciate it.....


MY mom is ok by the way. I guess i have to start looking for a new one.......which is ok but you never forget your first one.


Aaron :tear:

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MY mom is ok by the way.  I guess i have to start looking for a new one.......which is ok but you never forget your first one.


Aaron :tear:

Ummm... why are you replacing your mom???? :confused:



Sorry, couldn't let that pass without a chuckle. :jester:


Sorry to hear about your turck.

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when i have had to slam on the brakes (panic stop) the pedal goes to the floor and it feels like its air in the system...just the way if feels when trying to stop a heavy truck quickly...its not a good feeling when the pedal drops like that...but it only feels that way when i panic stop...but if it felt that way before...there might have been a problem...but i dont know why they would have touched them :dunno: ...glad your mom is ok

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Glad to hear your mom is okay.  You never said what happened, did she try to stop and the brakes didn't work so she ran into someone??  :dunno:  Just curious to know what the story is.




She was on the express way the car infront of her slowed down to a rolling stop, (by the way nothing was infront the car......IDIOT there was construction and i think they were slowing down to look) she was a couple of car lengths away and began to slow as well pushing the pedal all the way to the floor there was no shutter like you would feel if the ABS kicked in.....and the truck kept moving would not grab and slow down.......a yukon was behind her the yukon swerverd and stoped my mom hit a mazda infront of her by the way the mazda had what looked like very minimal damage but the impact was enough to push the front bumper in and brake the lights on the drivers side........my mom swerved a litle too.......i gues the truck would have been fixable at that point but then a motorcycle that could not stop swerved to miss the Yukon and sling shot his bike into the back drivers side of the bed of the truck crushing the rear bumper tearing a 4 inch square hole in the tire, caving in the bed of the truck and then proceeded all the way down the drivers side of the truck and ripped the front bumper right of the truck and sent it 50 feet down the road along with the bike..........i guess maybe the truck could be fixed but would i want it after i dont think soooooo. so i guess i have to wait to see what the insurance company says.........


plus the ministry is now involved because of the brake issue and the oustanding issues concerning the GM brakes........so i beg evryone if you have issues email me or PM me i will add your complaints to this investigation.


thanks for the concern guys



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