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Don't know how they come up with RPO codes (Regular Production Option)... but if you noticed, quite often they recycle an old one from the past. There was an LS1 engine in the 60's and 00's, an LT5 engine in the 60's and 90's, a ZR1 Corvette in the 90's and a ZR1 S10 pickup suspension option in the 00's, to name a few... :chevy:

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I believe the S-10/Blazer option was coded: ZR2



Alot of it comes internally(inside jokes,hidden meanings,etc) and some is even randomly generated.


The vast majority of GM part numbers are completely random. That's why replacements for the same parts can have drastically different part numbers.

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i would agree that they make something up that sounds good. You know like gt,vr4,ls1,911,gsx,x runner, gtz, hemi... (well) etc.


GT means: Grand Touring or Gran Turismo


GTO= Grand touring Homologated or Gran turismo Omologato


Hemi was coined for the hemispherical shape of the engines combustion chambers (BTW the new "HEMI" is really a hemi in the truest sense)


Porsche actually trademarked any car name with a 1 in the middle. Peugeot has done the same with 0 in the middle.


R/T = Road & Track


AAR= All American Racers (AAR 'Cuda)


SS=Super Sport in most cases

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