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TiVo & DVR owners


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SAN FRANCISCO, California (AP) -- Many fans of digital video recorders made by TiVo Inc. are beginning to fear that Hollywood studios will one day reach into their set-top boxes to restrict the way they record and store movies and programs.




Probably not a thing most people should worry about unless they're trying to stockpile certian shows for piracy... but interesting either way you look at it... big brother is watching

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Interesting...I can tape whatever I like from my TV with my VCR, or from my radio with a tape player, but it's different with my HD TIVO?  Why?


Guess the concern here is that the DVR records the material in digital format keeping it in higher quality and making it easier to store, reporduce, & distribute. With tapes theres the loss of picture/sound quality and its more difficult to reproduce for distribution...


Even then I still think it sux that networks are fighting digital technology every step of the way.

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