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Doing Donuts in the SSS

DaJoker SS

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Just wondering, the other day i went to a local park and started doing donuts in the filed. Will this mess up my truck in any way. Felt awsome though ill tell you that. Very hard to steer also when your doing this. Maybe cause im a beginner at doing donuts.

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I have absolutely no interest in "doing donuts", call me an old man I guess..? I just don't see the reason.



:dunno: The reason!?!?!?!?! :yellow_loser: Old man has nothing to do with it, it's fun!!!!!!!!! My 64 year old dad cuts the cookies once in a while... he even did some reverse doggies in the snow last year in his front driver Galant. GOOD TIMES!


Not sure I'd ever do them in my AWD SS though... unless I was trying to pass off upgrades for the truck through my, uh, I mean my wife's pocket book. :crackup: "Honey, the trucks broken. I think it needs a new engine and tranny..."

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