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Busted At Work!!!!


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Well fellow SSS'rs, the title says it all.


As most know (and if you didn't), I am a police officer in a smaller community. I work the Midnight shift from 11p-7a. It is a small quiet College town, but usually around 2am, the action comes to a grinding halt. The rest of the night drags by and there is no motor vehicle traffic to speak of until 06:00 hrs. So, once all my reports are done, parking tickets, building checks, and internet surfing are done, I really have nothing left to do.


So, being my first night back after my two days off, I was a little sleepy..... (you can see where this is going). I nosed my cruiser into the lot at the PD, and racked out from 04:30-05:30. You know, just to take the edge off, so I don't smash up a cruiser.


Well, being hunting season (Geese), the Chief came in to get something at 05:00, and busted me hard. He just knocked on the window, and asked me to shut off the cruiser, since fuel is $3.00 a gallon. That was it.


But needless to say, my box at work. the name has been changed to Sleepy, and emails on not being like me in "Wasting fuel" have been put in place. Chief also has used the radio and distpatched "Sleepy respond to"...


Oh, well, Embarrasing yes, but thank God for a cool chief.........

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OMG how embarrasing! Good that your chief is cool about it, but it's going to take years to live that one down.


While we were married my ex and I both worked for "a large PC maker in Austin TX" and we were caught scheduling/using a conference room for a private *one-on-one* conference. :devil: My manager at the time (not a cool guy) was a total dick about it, he made a point to arrange a meeting in the same conference room the next moring just to hand me a printed list of nearby cockroach cheap motels he searched-up on geocities. I decided that since my manager and I were alone in the room to shred the papers in his face and tell him to mind his own f-ing business, and that if he thought more of his own wife and actually treated her to higher class places he might enjoy a happier marriage. It was pretty much all downhill from there. :lol:


Mr. P. :)

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sleepy thats pretty funny.


Mr P. that one is pretty hard to beat but I'll give a try.


This one was reported to me by one of my supervisors. One of our workers who no longer works for our company was Larry M. Bates He was pretty fresh out of college with a mechanical engineering degree. He was only with the company for about 1 months but he had a hard time getting his work done. He would often stay over time past 7 in his cubicle and no one really knew what he was doing as basically everyone had left. One day the supervisor and a few other employees had stayed late getting important things done and they stopped by Larry's cubicle to see if he wanted to go grab a beer. They find him staring a porn video on his computer screen, some lotion and he was doing something that was definately against company policy. Apparently he turned bright red, all the other staff members were in uncontrollable laughter and boy did the story spread. We had to have a private meeting with him the next day about improper use of the company's computer etc. His nickname became "horny Larry" and everyone on our floor (i'm sure even 20 floors) knew about it. Even the mailman knew about it. His life didn't get better at the company as one day the mailman was giving him a letter from the government and it had his whole name on it. (this part just cracks me up) His full name was Larry Master Bates. (master-bates) No joking, his full name! (who would name their kid that?) He was then called "materbating larry" until he resigned from the company about 5 months into the job. We will never forget Larry Master Bates.

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