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remember when.....?


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anyone remember when it cost more to get an oil change than to fill your fuel tank? hell.... $35 (and a free filter) and thats royal purple! $69/70 to fill the ole tank! - sorry... just on a rant... $70 is a smaller blower pulley now-a-days!

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Ahh, the ole "Remember When Thread".


Here's mine:


1. I remember when $5 would give me over 3/4 tank of gas! (and I needed it with an 8 mpg built 67 Camaro!) :thumbs:


2. I remember when I had to go to Canada to get gas on Sundays! :confused:


3. Not a gas Remember When, but deserves a mention:

I remember when the dimmer switch was on the floor. (where it belongs!) :sigh:

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Hey I remember the last gas crunch, my dad had two Union76 stations. Cars were lined up down the street. He was a nice guy and sent all his regular customers coupons in the mail so they did not have to wait for gas, talk about customer service :D

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this thread was necessary IMO (tryin to regulate/even out the current hostility between members... this is just a laid back comment section in my book.... ahhhh remember when...

i remember when kodiak wintergreen was buy one get one free for less than 4 bucks

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I remember when....


I worked for Clark Oil Co. in high school. They ONLY sold Premium Gas. They were called "The Premium People".


Gas in 1974: 59.9 Sometimes, we would have "Gas Wars". Price would go down to 19.9 for short periods.


We actually waited on customers (AT THEIR CARS!). We were supposed to RUN to the customer's car and greet them with a "Friendly Smile". We had to clean everyone's windows (ALL windows. Not just the windshield) and their headlights/tailights. Had to check everyone's oil/transmission fluid. And then, show the dipstick to the driver. We also wore these really cool jumpsuits with a light blue shirt and a necktie. And the clothes had to be clean and pressed. In between cars, we were either painting curbs "snow-white", or cleaning the pumps or the station 's windows, or the bathrooms (bathrooms had to be clean enough to eat in. All of the time.). The place absolutely -sparkled-. Got paid $ 2.65/hr. Worked over 60hrs/week.


Cost to fill up my car: $ 5.00

Cigarettes were .50/pk, $ 5.00/carton


Ahhhh..... the "Good-Old-Days"


T :chevy:

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