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First post, so I should probably start with a hello. I read a post that talked about this but cannot find it again now that

I need it. I was pushin to make a light and left turn so when I got into the turn

lane I got on the brakes hard the truck seemed to have no brakes.(got a little worried)

Then as I got to the light the brakes finally (caught up?) and acted normal.

There was no abs action in the pedal. I guess I am not really lookin for

any repair advice but more for the name of the person who started a topic like to, this

to help narrow down on the number of pages I've been searchin through, thanks

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hey i think you where refering to me...........my truck is still under investigation with GM..........there is a problem with the 03 SS brakes from the sounds of things they corrected for 05 but if there are more complaints email them my way maybe they can recall all the brakes............






email me at [email protected]

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I had a very similar problem with my truck.  It didnt want to slow down but then it started to.  My truck has been acting very weird latley.  First the brakes and now its gone through a quarter tank of gas in less then 20 min of driving, so something is screwy.  BTW mine is a 03.

mine is an 03 with brake issues...............somthing needs to be done about this..........sure i can by baer brakes but i shouldn't have to GM should upgrade these trucks to the 05 specs i herd they work amazing..............power in numbers GM needs to here these problems



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I have the same problem with my 03.  What is different between the 03 and the 05 regarding brakes?


i alos have had problems with mine feeling like it was going to stop.

pedal goes close to the floor and abs is not activating when this happens.


happened a couple of times



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