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Picture of long tubes installed?


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The only one that gets very close to the frame rail, at least that has been posted about, is the Supermaxx.  Some have had to pry away from things.  The other thing to consider is the driveshaft going to the front diff.


Yeah, that's the main parts I need to see in pics so that I can plan the exhaust routing after the headers. Someone has to have a pic of what they did somewhere...

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There aren't many out there (members) with custom exhaust after the headers. All long tube kits out there, minus supermaxx, weld right up to the stock exhaust just in front of the cat. That being the case, then there should not be present the issues you are worried of. Unless of course, you're going custom after the headers.

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Unless of course, you're going custom after the headers.

Yup, that's what I'm doing. I want to use the "better" collectors that off the shelf headers hardly ever come with (hour glass shape, 4/2/1). Everything from there back will be mandrel bends, probably some Flowmaster Delta-flows, and fabricated slash cut tips existing the passenger's side before the rear wheel (possibly cut into the lower bed/quarter extension). The tips will be two 2.5" tubes welded side by side, wrapped once around with sheet metal, and slash cut at a 45 degree angle to resemble a vintage NASCAR boom-tube type of side exit. I just started fabricating the tips this week.


WHHHHHoah, I almost posted a "picture warning" about the tips that I should have finsihed this weekend. Glad that didn't happen. :crackup:

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