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Nice...... :thumbs:


Does your truck havethe RPO VXS?  Is that a bolt over Billet Grille?


Not sure what a RPO VXS is? yea its just a crappy bolt over that doesn't fit well, thought it was cool while putting it on, now i look at it, its not too great.


Thanks everyone. always good to hear any of your opinions and recommendations.

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Not sure what a RPO VXS is?



Look in your glove box at the list of three character codes, the RPO (Regular Production Options) and those codes will tell you everything in that truck. Go to your dealer and they can print out the list and descriptions of the codes for that truck.


I was told the VXS Complete Vehicle Label was the way to have no labels on the the door and "C" piller. I am trying to verify this with the few trucks that can be ordered that way, the VHO trucks.

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