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Back in OIF, again

RembaSS 1SG

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Hello fellow SS owners,


I am back in the Kuwait/Iraq region. Fortunately, my wife will not follow me here until later in the year, yet her brother comes over in a few weeks.


What a military family, eh? I miss them dearly already and have only been gone a few days. However, when I return I will have a truck a year older with only 6000 miles on it. :cheers:


The person I miss most of all is my little Elisa (5 years young). She just started Kindergarten and before the year is out will have her father, mother, and uncle deployed. That must be tough for her. However, she is as versatile as they get. She has flown nearly three-four times every year of her life. The life of a military child is very unique in that aspect.


So to those that serve the Armed Forces thank you for your posts and threads. They are quite inspiring. Keep up the fire. As I will always.


Air Assault! :flag:


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We all appreciate your service :flag: Keep your head down over there.


It's tough deploying with family left behind. I've done 4.5 years worth of deployments over the years and although some of them were pretty cool, it was always hard. Just try to concentrate on what you will do with the tax free pay you're getting. Shallow thought maybe, but it helps to take your mind off of things at times.

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I know the feeling.. Both me and my wife are here in Al Asad, Iraq. This is my fourth major deployment and her third. Our five year old daughter is home with grandma and we both miss her like crazy. Be careful and you two get home to your daughter soon. :flag:

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Stay safe brother, your service is appreciated.

Marine_Sgt, I know what it's like having a spouse in the Corps too. We can't handle having 2 forward deployed parents and 2 kids at home anymore, so she gets out this month after 8yrs. I applaud you 2 for making the sacrafice so few are able to do.

:flag: , God bless America

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Now, I finally meet an SSer in Good ol Clarksville!!!. I remember you. I guess there are only three of us I have noticed thus far. You, a black 04, and me. Small world.


I am finally in Baghdad (and have been since the second day of my deployment). We are anxiously awaiting the elections tomorrow. It feels good to be a part of history (AGAIN).


I am in 502d and Intelligence 1SG (now an OPS SGM). We are having a blast around here. Mission-to make the roads safe for others to travel.


Take care Gary and all. Thank you for your support. Back to work for me.


REMBASS 1SG! :flag:

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