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Got the slowest SS ever...


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I'm at a loss here, i think i bought an SSS with V6 in it or something. Went to the track tonight for the first time and ran a 14.9 at 88.63 MPH, now that would be fine if it were stock, buit its not.

Radix with intercooler and a 3.1 pulley

JBA shorties

B&B catback

Billet servos

Airaid CAI

Wait4metune on the PCM


The temp was 50 degrees and the elevation was about 3600 feet which i know is part of the problem, but it should still be faster than that. Its down right pathetic considering the amount of money i have invested. Any insight as to where all the power went? :banghead:



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I've gotta be :withstupid: ...... that's what we've seen sometimes w/ stock SS's.. something ain't right w/ the programmin'!!!! Nothing against Wait4me.. just.. somethin's not flowing here.. Are you sure you let Jesse know what all mods you have?

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Do you have boost or fuel pressure gauges? What readings?


Check the following:

1) intercooler pump and fluid level

2) fuel pump and booster pump (if present)

3) new fuel filter? (a fuel pressure gauge would help with 2 and 3)

4) belt tightness, belt slippage

5) vaccum/pressure leaks in intake (a boost gauge would help with 4 and 5)

6) leaks in intake tube between blower and MAF sensor

7) maybe spark plugs and wires


If all of the above are in proper condition, then perhaps the tune is suspect. Who installed the blower? Who installed the tune?


Hope you can get this figured out...

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Yeah...the bolts that hold down the Radix - check those. They have been the source of power loss before. The thing is so heavy that one pass to check bolt tightness is not good enough. Do 3 passes in the order that you would for the stock intake. I did that with mine and was still getting some where they should be during the 3rd pass.


If the system is used or older, maybe an intake gasket problem as well. Noted power loss also.


50 degree temps that thing should have been screaming.


Do you have logging capability? A lot of money to throw at your truck and not able to log your problems for only a few hundred more. I feel like a broken record sometimes. :banghead:

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Not trying to be smartass but since its you first time are you sure you didnt let off before the finish line  :dunno: as I've seen people do that thinking it was the end since they can see it....what was you mph ? in the 1/8 vs 1/4

I've done that before... really pisses you off when you figure out what the hell you did... :banghead:

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ok heres the numbers from the time slip










All the fluids were checked prior to running and everything was in excellent working condition.


I installled the Radix in May of this year and followed the directions to the letter, the custom tune from Jesse was installed by me two weeks ago. Jesse was advised of all the mods as well as the elevation i live at if that matters?


I did not let off on the gas, i ran the full 1/4 mile.


i went over the bolts twice when i put it on, but i will check them again once i can get it into my garage.


Hope i can figure this out, frustrating as hell to spend that much money and only pull a 14.9.

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