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L.A. County Fair.

Pasadena SS

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Decided to go to the County Fair. Being a city boy all my life, thought I take the kids to go pet some sheeps, eat some corn or whatever people do at the Fair. It turned out to be pretty damn expensive. Parking $12.00, admission $15.00, $8.50 for smoked turkey leg, $4.00 for corn dogs. $5.25 for large soda and a whole side of ribs...don't ask. I ended up eating 3 turkey legs though. They were pretty good. Other then that my family had a great time.



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Any time ya go out it cost a bundle. :banghead: Say go to the movies... 2 people $9.50 each, 2 sodas 3.50, Large popcorn 4.50. Man thats like 30 bucks before you even get any :crackup: Its worth it though we all need some fun once in a while. :cheers:

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