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i race to much


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Hey i dont know much about GMC trucks but my friends talked it up real good saying it was pretty good... WRONG!.. they also said it was like a gmc version of my truck...WRONG! and that it would beat me....WRONG! other than that first time i ever the one to challenge someobody but i couldnt resist...it looked good big chrome rims and everything. Well also one of the few times ie ver been at this stoplight in the front and i saw his front go up and then i realized he didnt have AWD...oh well he was pissed took the next exit extrmely to fast and i honked in kindness

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if it was a Sierra Denali....it DOES have AWD. If it was a 2WD... then is was a clone.


:withstupid: The Denali only comes in AWD. Got this from their website.


Features Sierra Denali

Differential, automatic locking, heavy-duty, rear

Skid Plate Package

Suspension, front, independent torsion bar, and stabilizer bar, specially tuned, includes jounce bumpers

Suspension, rear, semi-elliptic 4-stage multi-leaf springs, specially tuned, includes jounce bumpers

Transfer Case, AWD electronic automatic system


Probably like one of those guys that puts a hemi sticker on their v6 :D:D

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