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Vortech Kicks Butt!


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Well I finally got out to the track this weekend. I went to ATCO in Jersey and had a great time. My first run was a 13.5 and after some ice bags on the blower I was able to run my best of the night 13.2, I was happy with that. I will take out my spare and toss that hitch, see what that gets me, oh yeah and maybe a clean airfilter for a change.

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Awesome man. :thumbs: ATCO is a fine track for numbers. Wanna come up to Great Meadows NJ on the 21st and run at Island Dragway? I will be there with a few other fast trucks. It is always fun to beat up on the imports...



What was your MPH? :confused:

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Just wanted to put up the slip figures so I can be added to the track time list.

R/T .367

60  1.970

330  5.565

1/8  8.475

MPH  83.06

990  11.008

1/4  13.291

MPH  1.2.33



man, if you had the 60' times of the radix truck you'd have been in the 12's for sure. with just a converter swap 12's should be a cake walk. you may want to try running the icebox type intercooler that azfastestss is running. just a thought. either way, a converter should be your 12's. what is that mph though??? that looks like some kind of code.... :confused:

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