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Keeping track of an ordered vehicle.


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It does not have a vin yet I'm pretty sure. The order was put in on this past Friday. :) I have the funky letters for the order and the dealership number though. Do you think you can do anything with those? As of Friday, it was at 1100. (preliminary order accepted)


Justin :chevy:

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yeah you definatly don't have a vin yet then do you? :crackup: you wouldn't have that until you are at 3800- vehicle produced


I dunno I've never tried to look up something that was coming into another dealers inventory that far ahead of time. I usually don't look any farther than order code 3000- accepted by production control.


Send me over what you have and I'll play with it tonight when I get home and see if I can come up with anything.

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Sshhh......it's top secret! I will give you a hint though. It's not a Ford or a Dodge!












































Ok ok....I ordered one of them their SUV's with a Vette engine under the hood! I am in no way unhappy with my truck. I simply need more room and want to lower my monthly payments in doing so. :) Here are some pictures courtesy of BLUTBSS over at the TrailblazerSS board! :cool: And yes, I still went with the fastest color as shown in these pictures! :jester:

















Justin :chevy:

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