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Pic Whoring


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We're do a head and rocker swap on the Cobra. Goin with Brodix aluminum heads and a 1.6 roller tip to a 1.7 roller tip... I put it up in the air and started tearing it down this afternoon and im taking pics as I go. We have a drive on manual lift but it lifts it to high to have it up there and pull the motor out. Pulling the motor b/c I have to replace the rear main. Anyway...I just felt like pic whoring again..






And a few interior pics


Cruisin...they go like this...


Showin Off...they need to be like this...



And thats the toy.......

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Thanks for all the words guys....as far as puttin in a big block, thatd be a pain to work on in the car, and a HUGE weight disadvantage....we're at 2100lbs and over 500 crank horsepower....we're gonna dyno once the heads and everything are on and done. Anyway, thats why we didnt go w/ a big block....its small block w/ big block displacement...425cubic inches...(we didnt wanna bore .060) THanks again everyone

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