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Newbi saying hi with question.... and pics.


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Hey gang!

I just picked up a 2006 SSS about two weeks ago. Before I made the purchase I had no idea what kind of truck I was going to get, but am totaly happy with my new ride. I hope to get to know some of you on the boards. :P


Now heres my newbi question....

I have 22" wheels and changed the gears from 3:73 to 4:11 so you can imagine how off my speedo and miles are. I need a programmer quick to set this bad boy strait but am not sure what my options are.

Can someone help me out? I'm not really set on geting big HP changes and stuff like that. Just want to set the speedo back.


Now some pics....

Standard black 22" wheels, lol


Diff cover



Thanks guys :seeya:

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hey man, nice truck. where did you get that diff cover and how much? looks sweet.


you can get any of the handheld programmers to do what your looking for. just find the one that is the cheapest.


hypertech power programmer

superchips programmer

i believe granatelli makes one now?

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Thanks for the compliments guys.



I got the cover from J&S gear in Huntington Beach. I think it was about $150. They also did the gears and did a hell of a job! Great guys.



I gave the stock wheels to the guy who sold me the new ones. Probably a dumb move on my part. He gave me $600 :banghead:

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definitely get in touch with PCM 4 Less... correct the speedo and get some extra HP at the same time... definitely worth it IMO.

:withstupid: You won't be sorry. Just tell Bryan what size tires you are running and the new gear ratio, and he will hook you up!!

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Thanks for all the input guys.

I went ahead and got the speedchip programmer for a couple reasons.

First- I drive a ton of miles so I wanted something that I could change myself so I could set it one day for great (really just better) gas milage, and the next I could crank it up if I felt like it.

Second- I need something today/tomorrow so I didnt want any downtime with the computer being out of the truck. *I know I could send mine in as a core at a later date, but I would rather have the exact computer that came in my truck.

And Last- I wanted to be able to put it back to stock in a matter of minutes if needed. When I get this thing supercharged (i'm thinking Kenny Bell) they dont want the computer to have any programming done to it.


All in all I think the Speedchip was just the best choice for me.

I'll let you guys know what I think after I program the truck.



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