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I need a spare key and remote.


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So, When I bought my truck off of my boss, I guess his kid lost the spare key.... So, all I have is one key and one remote. Well, the seat moves with the remotes, so can I get one of the keyless remotes and will it still adjust the seat, mirrors, CD... and stuff, and how much will it cost? How much for a new key from the dealership, also? Thanks....

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There are buttons on the driver door, marked 1 and 2. Those are what the settings off the remote are programed to. You should be able to get the key at the dealer for about 40 bucks, maybe less. I don't believe they are chipped. The remotes have been selling on e-bay for 25 I think, and you just bring it to the dealer to be programed for your truck.

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There are instructions to reprogram the remotes on here...


The order in which they are programmed determines the order for the drivers, FYI. So even though your remote may be marked #1...if you prgram it first, it will be #1.


Just a heads up...




And I $32-ish from the dealer for a new one a couple months ago.


- Brian

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So, I called the dealership yesterday, and for a new key and to have them cut it it's $10. I don't know how much the keyless entry remote is from the dealership though.... Just thought I would share a little info, When I find out how much the remote is at the dealer I'll post it...

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