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10" Alpine Type X Sub

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This may be a stupid question but is it possible to install one 10" Alpine Type X Sub under the rear seats? I know we can lift up the rear seats a little, but is it enough to make it fit? Will i need a totally custom box and will it be really expensive and worth the money? or am i better off getting another sub? I want both sq and some thump which is why i wanted this sub...


Ive noticed that many people have been staying away from the top of the line subs because of the mounting depth... I don't wanna go with the Type E, R, or S cause you can just get them from best buy now... :banghead:




* carbon fiber/aluminum honeycomb cone

* high-roll Santoprene rubber surround

* cast aluminum frame

* dual 4-ohm voice coils

* frequency response 24-200 Hz

* power range 500-1,000 watts RMS (500 watts per coil)

* peak power handling 3,000 watts

* sensitivity 81 dB

* top-mount depth 8-5/8"

* sealed box volume: 0.5-1.0 cubic feet

* ported box volume: 0.6-1.5 cubic feet

* 1 Year Indo Audio Electronics Warranty


TIA :chevy:

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Mine was fiberglass and had something like 3 days into it. It was built a bit small then fiber fill was added and then I covered it in carpet. I would have to say around 3 or 4 hundred dollars. Unless you know someone. 6.0ss is selling all his equipment, that is something maybe you should look into.


Fiberglass work isnt cheap, because it is so time consuming.

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