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Pittsbugh's going to the superbowl.....here we go!


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I agree. Seahawks are a pretty good team. Should be a good game. Mr MVP is a KY boy so I have to root for them. Eithe way I like both teams. I'm a fan of both team so it's going to be a hard game to watch. :cheers:



Up here in the NW the Seahawks don't talk much smack.  They just play 60 minutes of team football.  That's why I would be careful of them in the Superbowl.  There's a reason there the #1 offense in the NFL with the MVP  :D

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For the first time that I can remember since I was a teeenager, I think the two best teams in the league are in the bowl! I really don't care which team wins, but it's going to be a rockin' game.


I said this on another board and nearly got shot, so I'll try here....


Seattle - 20

Pitt - 17


in overtime!



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you hear about the guy in pittsburgh who had a heart arrack when Bettis fumbled last week against Indy and almost lost it? 


Oh lets go Seahawks!!!!



dude, you just lost any chance in HELL of getting my box for a good price!

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