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I have a weird question that I don't know if anyone can answer, maybe somebody that has a older truck might know. Other than possibly the hangers being in the wrong place, would a tail pipe from a 99-02 ECSB work on a 03-06 ECSB? I assume that if it is for a 143.5" WB it should/might fit? Looking at exhaust and have a wild hair for a custom setup.

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Not to step on toes but Flowmaster is not an option, the only thing I've ever heard a flowcrapper on that sounded(tone) decent was a mustang. Thats not to say Flowmaster isn't a quality muffler, but there are better flowing options. I think I've found another choice for us but need to research a little more before I commit the cash. If it works it may be a true bolt on and still have room to breathe for the blower guys. Back in my Impala SS days I went the custom route on intake and exhaust. It looks to me since I like bits and peices of different systems, I'm going to make both the CAI and exhaust for my VHO as well. I've found most of what is needed but it may turn out that unless you have a blown 6.0 or a 402ci or bigger motor the torque loss may negate any improvement over what is already out there. What I have in mind will breathe but without headers and CI may be too much, I just don't know at this time. Keep your pants on guys I'll let you know how it goes.

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