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The Zaino difference.

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I don't know if anyone cares but I thought I would share. This wax is awesome. I know there is better but I don't feel like spending 1000.00 for an 8oz. jar to find out. This wax just simply owns the $%^ out of Maguire’s gold, Maguire’s tech wax, Zymol, tr3, liquid glass, and anything else you've probably come across. It’s simple to apply, simple to take off, and doesn't leave behind dusty powder or oily residue. What I found weird is you only use about 2-3oz. to do an entire vehicle (1 coat). Also what I never found with other waxes was the use of an accelerant. You actually have to drip a drops of accelerant into the wax, which you now only have 6 hours to use it. Anyway, here's the kit I bought:Link










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How did you apply it?

The Zaino product itself is a breeze to apply, you put two ounces of the product in a little bottle and add 8-10 drops of activator (comes in activator kit), shake, then using a cotton pad you put a dime-to-nickle sized drop on pad and coat on 2 sq-ft of surface. When you do it right you almost cannot see the dried film. After it cures (30 mins to a few hours depending on weather) you buff the film off with the largest highest quality 100% cotton towell you can buy. Apply at least one more time using Z6 between coats; you will continue to see improved finish up to the fourth coat. Don't forget your painted SS wheels too.


If you take the time to clay your truck and then polish with a buffer before applying Zaino you will end-up with a piano finish, and on a black truck the true color of the paint comes out, it will be Onyx/hematite colored, not just a generic black - it really is stunning. I cannot recommend Zaino enough; DER Shiney Stuff and Klasse are similar products and should give comparable results.


I've only got one more month left and then I can begin detailing my new paint :mad:


Mr. P. :)

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