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What looks best out of these  

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  1. 1. What looks best out of these

    • [IMG]http://www.americaneaglewheel.com/images/categories/316c.jpg[/IMG] Boss 316
    • [IMG]http://www.bigwheels.net/wheels/foose/lusso_tr.jpg[/IMG]Foose Lusso Truck
    • [IMG]http://www.discount-wheel.com/images/SPEEDSTER-6.jpg[/IMG] Foose Speedster
    • [IMG]http://thedubshop.com/images/large/KMC-SS.jpg[/IMG]KMC SS
    • [IMG] http://www.tirerack.com/images/wheels/americanracing/swap/ar_trq_thrst_st_chr_ci3_l.jpg[/IMG]American Racing Torque Thurst ST

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i like the boss rims, kind of remind me of the factory gm rims though, they also kind of look like the ss rim with a 6 spoke. but for me i like to have a little bit of lip on the rim. its a hard choice, but if you are looking at the speedsturr in a forged rim, i say forged all the way!!

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I'm a little biased, since I just bought the Torq Thrust's. I too read the thread on the chrome on the Foose wheel "peeling like an orange", so I'd be leery about them, and I think the fake allen head/rivet look is a bit played out.


American Racing has been around for YEARS!


Final Answer: Torq Thrust's :thumbs::thumbs:

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