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if anyone cares...

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picked this up last week... :driving:


'98 T/A Roller

-welded rollbar, QA1 shocks, weld wheels, clean paint, clean interior(whats there), tubular torque arm, panhard rod, k-member, etc


I have the 5.3L from the escalade I parted w/ the 4l60e trans that I'm gonna put in it... mild cam, 2800 stall, long tube headers, exhaust, tuning...

it should run pretty good... first thing is to steal the wheels for my silver T/A


what do you guys think...? :dunno:

~Brian :thumbs::flag:



here is what it currently looks like!

th_car16gh.jpg th_inside8op.jpg

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I think it'll be on Ebay tomorrow :jester:

only if I find something else I want really bad! :banghead:




so how many t/a's do you have now...that will make #12 right? :jester:

no...thats only 2 T/A's and one Firehawk... :jester:

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Just another piece of junk to add to your collection.    :jester:

yup thats it... :yellow_loser:



Why do you have so many cars dude?Dang.

cause I got issue's...if its a deal I gotta buy it.... :nonod:



when you going to sell the typhoon??

in a couple months... gettin the bodywork done now, and then some new paint

you still possibly interested??



Looks like more work to be done yet.

yeah, maybe just a little :cheers:



ahhh yes.... and exactly how many "pampered" miles are on it? :crackup:

:thumbs: good find man... looks to be some fun

only 74k and never driven hard!! :jester:



I think a car like that deserves more than a 5.3L, I'd like to see a 402 in there with some juice or forced induction.

I agree, but I already have engine sittin around... If I built a stroker it would be going behind my silver street car T/A :thumbs:



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