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PCM Tune


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the PCM control fuel and timing and can be adjusted to get much better performance from our trucks, I gaind almost 20hp (dont really remember) on a dyno with no mods just tuning. Mail order is ok but getting a real person to tune your truck will make it a much better tune.


on the newer trucks there is a trans vcomputer also that can get improved upon. :dunno:

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A PCM tune, assuming you are doing for performance, can also adjust your transmission settings keeping your truck in the power band longer.


There are a couple of ways to get it on your truck. You can buy the stuff to do yourself after you've learned a little bit about what you are doing. The other way is to order the tune, the PCM will be sent to you, you will install it, then send the stock one back to your tuner. There could be some slight variances to this, but that is how most do it.

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