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Picking rear gears?


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I am getting ready for my summer project time and I need a rear end for my 1950 chevy. It needs to have the correct lug pattern and width for rhw 50's frame. I was hoping for a posi but I cant find one now :dunno:

how do 3:73 gears sound?? I have found a 1996 truck that I could get the 4 speed trans and rear end from but I dont want to get it if the parts are not going to be worth it :dunno: it also has the 305 votec that I might use, but dont really want to- I want to put my LQ9 in there but I need to win the lottery first :crackup:


So I want the engine to have some power, my newest thought is to put the SSS motor in the 50 and put a stroker in the SSS, the best of both worlds!!!! but I have my work cut out for me, My biggest obsicle now is getting the right parts so I dont blow the little bit of money I do have to blow...what does the cost of a stroker goto if you are needing new block, heads????


I know this is off topic, but you guys are my resources :chevy::chevy::thumbs:

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