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last shot with the 4L65E....

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Well... this is it, my last time re-building my 65, if this fails, theres no question about it, i will be swapping to an 80, if anyone is interrested... this is what my "last chance" 4L65E will consist of...


- Trailblazer torque converter

- Zippy Shift kit

- Superior Servos (all)

- upgraded boost valve

- "The Beast" Sun Shell

- Red Alto Racing/Kolene 3/4 Clutch Pack (9 Clutch)

- O.P.T. 13 Vane Hardened Pump kit w/unbreakable rings

- 29 Element Sprag

- Red Alto Racing Wide 2/4 Band

- Transgo Performance Pulse Control Solenoid (P/N 46-MOD)

- Red Alto Racing/Kolene Forward Clutch Set

- Red Alto Racing/Kolene Reverse Gear Drum clutch pack

- Low/Reverse Heavy-Duty sprag w/hardened steel inner race

- B&M Supercooler, in-line with stock trans cooler

- 8 to 10 qts. of Royal Purple Trans Fluid


wish me luck fellas.... i hope it at least lasts this summer... and the new mods im doing :wink: caugh caugh

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what parts have you been breaking? do you have any other beefed parts from the previous rebuld that your going to use? what aftermarket tranny parts have failed you so far? have you tried an already built tranny( rossler or flt)?

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-i have broke pretty much just aboot every hard part, output shaft, shell, reaction gear, sprag, pump... im probably leaving some parts out.... and the most common would be burning up clutches...

-many many "beef-ed-up" parts in there now... as meantioned in my first post "the beast" sun shell... hardened this, hardened that etc...

-no aftermarket "hard" parts have failed me... just "high perf" clutches and band burning up...

-no i have not tried an aftermarket tranny, i dont see it necessary (if you follow the parts list i posted up above, it includes mainly the same "beefed-up" hard parts as well as clutches/bands/steels that the aftermarket companies use in their trans-s... incl. the solenoid for boosted applications.

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with your new mods I know you will get over that 400hp mark, unless you have already and then it will really need to be tuff. good luck and I hope good results so that we dont have to all swap over to keep our trucks on the road

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:crackup: at least the labor is cheap :thumbs:


btw, monster transmission and performance is making a stronger output shaft...


also, a lot of my parts were purchased at monster and/or oregon performance transmission, in case anyone was wondering...


once again, wish me luck... not only with the trans but the other mods i am currently doing



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thanks guys, i truely aprecieate the support... its quite frustrating being timid or aprehensive to "get on it" every now and again worrying aboot the consequences... even worse when you drive to your good friend zippy's house or the drag strip 40 min away (i know im fortunate enough to have a strip that close, and have a friend like zippy - trust me im not bitching about either) but it just means that big of a towing bill if say an output shaft takes a frumpy ya know? oh well... its the risk you take when you cant leave shit alone.... at least i have you guys for the moral support... thanks again

-slut (not of the female sort caugh caughbackinblackcaughcaugh) :crackup:

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Good luck, man.  I feel your pain and if you check out my other post below you'll understand.


Let me know how it goes.  I have to pay for labor and I'm considering the 80 also.



i thought you were selling the truck?

consider yourself lucky tho... in my opinion that trans has lasted you quite some time now hasnt it? if you lived closer id give you a hand and knock it out in a jiffy :thumbs:


dont give up hope just yet.. ill keep you posted, but i firmly believe this time around i may have the proper equation for "some" durability... that Pulse control solenoid from transgo is meant for blown applications.... this'll be my first time testing one of those... i have yet to hear much about them, but i know monster transmissions all come with one :dunno: - speaking of monster, all the parts on my current list follow just aboot to the "T" what they use in theirs (their torque converter may be diff, im not sure) just about everything is the same and they guarantee it to be strong enough for over 600 horsepower... question is... AWD 600 horsepower? 600 horsepower daily? or 600 horsepower "every once in a while, when your feeling spunky"?? :dunno: well see.... (good luck to you aswell SS--Blown.... well get through this and come woodward time... well have a beer and laugh aboot it) :cheers:

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I think the billet servos are way too hard on the tranny with a Radix. I'm in no way an expert, but most of the broken shafts on NA trucks moderately modded on here, have had them. Your power/tq level obviously exceeds those.


The weakest part that I saw going into my truck as I watched it get built was the input shaft and drum. Even though mine was aftermarket and had quite a bit beefier collar where the shaft entered the drum, you could tell it was just not made for high power/tq levels. Especially not that combined with a banging shift from a billet servo.


That's just my opinion. There are a lot of proponents to that piece on here. I'd be willing to bet money your tranny would last longer without them.


I would also go away from synthetic fluid. As much as synthetic fluid dissaptes heat, it still causes more slip in the clutches. I would look to the fluids that cause the clutches to grip better. Fluids like Raptor Blood, BTE Super shift, or Amsoil Trick shift. The Amsoil is synthetic but it is formulated for the clutches to grab. All three are specially designed for high hp/tq motors. Royal purple is a good product, but not designed for your application. Unless of course they have a trick shift type version - I don't look at their fluids much.

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i gota ya...


good information right there aboot the fluids... somethin i would not have thought aboot at all... (i just figured that since this time im crossing my fingers and going a lil further, i would at least get something diff. than GM fluid) - maybe should have done a lil more research on the fluids before purchasing $120 worth of royal purple :banghead: , well... i used to date a hot chick that works at murrays (her father is district manager or something) maybe i can tie loose ends and hopefully exchange/return all of it :dunno: either way its a good excuse to see her boobs... ?


interresting thought/opinion on the servos... i may consider giving that a shot :dunno: (i still have some time before i get to work on her - waiting on parts at this point in time)

thanks for the killer info Ben - aprecieate it greatly :thumbs:

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On the subject of trans fluid...I always used Type-F trans fluid in my THM400 and THM350's that I ran in the Chevelle(s). I was told that it had some other kind of friction modifier in it, and I can tell you it definately shifted firmer with Type-F. What's the deal with it? Anybody know? Later



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Let me know what you learn and eventually decide to do about the servos. If I can turn my crisis into an opportunity to make the tranny better, that would be helpful information.


Any specific recommendations for input shaft/drum upgrades?


I am still trying to sell the truck, though not trying very hard. At least now I can sport a NEW transmission rebuild.


Lisa Simpson: "The Chinese use the same word for both 'crisis' and 'opportunity.'"


Homer: "Ah, yes, 'crisitunity."

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