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Low end grunt

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I have a 06 4.8.

So far: Cold air tube stock box, K & N drop in, TB bypass, Predator, Cut out.

What would be a good set up to gain high end HP while keeping low end torque.

If I can keep the low end power where it is at I would even be happy, but a little more low end

would not hurt either. I would like to get to a low to mid 13's with anything but spray or a charger on a stock rotating assembly.

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There are some cams that you can chose to increase the low end a little and gain some upper. Tuning is the first place to start and if you're running the 4.8L and an auto, a converter is another huge gain. You aren't gaining more low end power from the engine, just using the power from where the engine is more efficient.

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