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Sway Bars

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I've been seriously considering some sway bars for the SS.... just wondering which ones are good and where to get them... Forgive me if this is a repost, but I searched and came up with no results on a thread like this....


Thanks! :thumbs:



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Are those the Fredericos?



Yes Those are the same. I had thought they were out a business or back logged for some reason, and BAM there they are.


  SSmokey is a member here as well.


and there has been some debate if it is worth dealing w/him for a set of bars :dunno:


I pm'd the guy who was on here telling use he bought Smokeybear out and got not reply :dunno:

how can internet business not reply to e-mail and such

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I ran Eibachs on my Tahoe with an Eibach drop and loved it. Seems like Hotchkis is the brand of choice on the Silverados, so I'm gonna get in the Lemming Line and do them too :jester:

Alot of people do business with Tom at TByrne Motordports but as mentioned above, there are alot of backorders generated with the GP's so, you might pay a little more from somewhere else and get a set in stock.

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I got a set of Hotchkis bars from Tom when he had one of those make your own sale events. It took a little while to get them because they were shipped from Hotchkis in CA to Tom on the east coast, then back to me in CA :dunno: . Made a big difference in handling for sure. Seemed like a lot of money for bars, but they are really nice. I considered the other brands out there, but went with these because everyone seems happy with them...



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