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well im going to need a strong transmission for my new set up, im trying to spend as little as possible. i have someone that builds 4l60's all day long and he can put it together for me for a great deal.

im looking to make the strongest 4l65e possible. what im looking for is the parts to use for the build. maybe the brand name, part#'s and a good place to buy, what ever info you have would help. i think this may help others not looking to drop 4k on a mail order trans! Any help is greatly welcome and appreciated!

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I did a thread a while back with all the parts I used and where I got them. Search for it, shouldn't be too hard to find. They have some newer pieces I think. I bought every single thing they had, period. My tranny has held together back from my Radix days running 9.5-10.5lbs of boost and through my strokers. My parts came to about $750 and my build cost me around $525.

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thanks ben linky for others

did you end up using the 8 plate blue plate clutch kit ? i didnt see which one you actually went with!


i plan on going with the same parts you did












#L65S -


instead of #1 did you use the vette servos?

i didnt see part # 27 which hank used bu ti have the oversized sonnax one already in there, did they have any probelms getting the pump spring in ? and i plan on using the blue plate clutches, but i need to know what to use(the 6 or 8 plate with steels) and do i need the 4l60 rebuild kit ? i also plan on using the same fluid ben, hopefully this will be able to handle a blown 408. let me know what ya'll think! i also plan on using a new stall( precision or yank 2600-3000 range)

i already have the superior shift correction kit/billet servos,sonnex boost vale installed, but im going to go with something a little lee punch than the billet servos. most likely the vette servos.


i plan on ordering them sometime soon.

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Yes, I used the vette servo and 8-plate kit. You shouldn't need an overhaul kit, but I did end up getting something similar. Zippy hooked me up with locating the 8-plate kit that also included all the rest of the clutches, although at that point mine showed very little wear. I was at about 6k miles at that point, I think. You may want an overhaul kit, but I would ask the person who is building it if he wants you to get all new seals and gaskets.


I didn't use the L65S either. The 4L65E already has a hardened output shaft.


Zippy and the guy building my tranny helped guide me in what I got. Really make sure you talk it over with your builder.

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