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A crash on the way to work :(

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Well, just a little rant... Going to work as usual and there's 5 lanes, X represents turning lanes.




Well, i'm in the 2nd lane which you can still turn left but go strait, guys in the 3rd lane, We are all stop, idiot speeds up and puts his blinker, slammed my brakes, and I hit his back left rear end, guys pulls over and I call the cops... guys was like a 85 yr old man and could bearly get out of the car, he's like, "Did you see my blinker?" I'm like you idiot you can't turn on the middle lane!... cops came, he lied to the cops saying I was on the first lane he was on the 2nd, cops saw his left rear end got smashed and saw pieces in the 2/3 lane, not the 1/2, He had a nice big dent, and I had my front left bumper bent in a little bit and scuff marks, bent bumper out, but still scuffs...




At least I get a new bumper :)

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get one without the plate... its cleaner IMO... I took my front plate off and i had 6 holes drilled in my bumper! :banghead: I filled them and put some touch up paint over the filler... it looks pretty good :D


thats too bad though...Some people suck...but i'm glad to see your optimistic about it :thumbs:

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Another reason anyone over the age of 80 shouldn't drive :mad:



:withstupid: that such bullshit you have to wait a certain age to drive and they should take it away at a certain age plain and simple!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :mad::mad:


i dont think they should just revoke it, but after the age of 60 they should make people take mandatory test to prove they still are able to drive!

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