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well i went skydving


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Congrats on your first jump :cheers: It's cool that they give a certificate so you have proof that you did it. I am afraid of heights, so I won't be doing that ever. :)

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we jumped from 11,000 ft, free fell for 36 seconds, top speed of 138, average of 127, and a 5 min shute ride the weird thing is it dosent feel like your falling just only when you jump from the plane for like the first two seconds and then its just real noisy but when they pull the shute it gets real quite im going to get my sky diving liscens which takes like 25 jumps so if anyone around here wants to go with me im ready to go agian but its the biggest rush ive ever had

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Well i went skydiving and i survived, i suggest everyone should go atleast once in there life


NICE JOB!!!!! :thumbs:


I went back in 1994 in Australia.... One of the best memories I ever had !!! Jumping out over the "Great Dividing Range" up near Brisbane QLD, right on the edge of the Outback....

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