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Gardening neighbors


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There are two neighbors, one an old fart, the other a single beautiful young woman. The old fart had an incredible garden, especially the tomatoes which were big, round, and juicy. The young beautiful babe had a garden that wasn't doing so well.


"How did you get your garden to produce those wonderful tomatoes?", she asks.


"Simple," he says, "every morning I run naked around my garden three times."


"Yeah right - you're not gonna get me with that one, you dirty old man!"


He reassures her, "I'm going to be out of town next week, you don't have to worry about me watching you."


A week later he's home and asks her how her tomatoes are doing.


"Oh, not all that well", she replies, "but all my cucumbers are six inches long."


Mr. P. :)

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