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ay, those are rims are clean, wonder where you got those from, you probably stole em', huh?  :jester:

j/k, they look good on the truck,  :thumbs:

Yeah, thanks for the deal Ejay!



are those the rims you bought off that guy $1000 tires and wheels?  Good steal, and nice truck :thumbs:

not quite that good of a deal but damn close :thumbs:



nice deal on the wheels, i just sold my silver ones for that much. but why dont you paint the rest of the truck man? that red is just slowing you down  :jester:

hahaha...I need a grill shell, and upper headlights and I can go back SSS!!! :cool::devil:

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Those are the first pics I have seen of your truck. It looks real nice. The escalade front end is real different on the SS. Considering one of the main reasons that I got an SS was because of the look of the front end.


When are you going to get it painted?

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