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FS: Optima Battery, Yellow and Red


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I have 2 optima batteries from my truck that I don't need any more.


One is a Yellow Top optima, purchased on 7/1/05, 130$ Shipped



One is a Red top Optima, Purchased on 6/1/05. 100$ Shipped





I also have special Battery terminal tops for these batteries!!!


Tsunami PP2001-PT high amperage battery power distribution system fits Tsunami PP880-BTY and OPTIMA® YellowTop™ and RedTop™ batteries. Set Includes: Special two wrench set 10mm, 14mm and 20mm flare-nut style for compression fittings with a 6mm Allen wrench for the distribution top battery terminals; 3 sets of LOK•NUT™ 1/0 to 2 Gauge, 1/0 to 4 Gauge, 4 to 8 Gauge; 2 ANL gold fuses.





It would be a nice edition to the set up and lets you add on aftermarket things very easily.


These are 100$ new, Ill sell them for 50$ each, I have 2 of them attached to the batteries right now.


Package Buy!!!

for Red battery and top... 140$ shipped

For Yellow Battery and top 170$


IF you have questions PM- Call - Email

Joe Krelle


[email protected]

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I think the Yellow top is spoken for,  Chris from Indy is dibs on it... and the prices are shipped.  you don't pay shipping



ah, then thats a deal!!! My mistake and forgive my ignorance for not reading.

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