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First off my name is lyle and im from oklahoma. I recenly traded my 02 lightning in for an 04 chevy ss... I am going to the track tommorw to see what i run, and i was wondering if u guys had any idea what times would be good for my mods... BONE STOCK TIMES FOR 04 AWD ARE [email protected] My mods are as follows.


1. Aem cold air intake

2. Flowmaster 3' race exhaust/with no cats

3. Superchips programmer.


Also what is a good shift point to set my truck at. It shifted at 5550rpm from 1-2, and i changed it so it goes all the way up to 6000rpm in each gear before shifting..What is the best shfit point to set it at. OH AND IF ANYONE LIVES IN OKLAHOMA WITH A CHEVY SS OR THAT RACES, MESSAGE ME SO WE CAN GO RACE OR SOMETHING THANKS.

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well you want to set the shift points as high as possible with out it bouncing off of the rev limiter! i would say 14.6 at best that is a great stcok time but those mods dont help all that much. look into a custom pcm tune and you will much happier than the superchips handheld!

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