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Which Supercharger Pulley?

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Hey everyone!


This is my first post here! Just want to say "Hello" to everyone! I do frequent the forum to read all there is and get some great advice, but never had an account until now!


Anyway, with my introduction out of the way, I need whoever's help deciding on which pulley to make my final chose.


You can read my signature for all the modifications, bottom line though, it would be a pulley for a Magna Charger Radix system. As of right now with my current setup, I run a 3.0" pulley which at part-to-high throttle sees about 5-6 PSI. At wide-open throttle it sees about 7 PSI.


Since I do not wish to grenade my motor, I need help on choosing the best pulley for my application (most boost without potential of hurting anything and most efficient)! How small should I go? 2.8", 2.9", or just keep it the 3.0"?


Anyway help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you very much!



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IMO, i'd say stick with the 3.0 pulley. im running the 2.8 pulley and only seeing 8-9psi and spinning the shit out of it for daily driving, so if your seeing 7psi with the 3.0, you should be good as far as power/safety ratio is concerned.

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I would also stay with the 3.0 for what you are running. Yes the package you have is pretty stout but if you are concerned about stressing your engine and long term use just stick with the 3.0 You can take some away and go to the 3.1 or a 3.3 the stocker pulley but.. if you are happy with 6-7 psi now stay where you are at. One thing that might give you more a of a kick in the pants is a better tune for your application. I know that if you are in the chicago area you probobly did not have nelson tune your truck hands on. If you are intrested in a hands on PCM tune that will get the most out of your combonation let me know. I work very closely with Zippy as far as tuning goes and he has had some pretty incredible results with the radix trucks. I am a radix dealer myself and I offer Zippy tuning with my kits. Specifically him because his results so far are un matched with the SS guys and the work we have done with my truck with tuning is pretty incredible.


If you are looking to tune your truck down a notch I would say go to a 3.1 but if you are happy where you are now stay there and get some fine tuning done. Don't go to the 2.9 unless you are looking to really get all you can out of that radix.


Feel free to PM me if I can offer any further advice

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Awesome, well I greatly everyone's pulley feedback! I guess I am now stuck between a 2.9" pulley and my current 3.0" Some more feedback would be greatly appreciated! :cheers:


EvolutionRaceWorks, I thank you for the offer, I might actually take you up on it! :)


First I just need to decide between the 2.9" and the 3.0"

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when you go to a smaller pulley the heat becoem more of a factor, so you may get more boost with a 2.8 or 2.9 but the added boost will make more heat so , it kind of counteracts itself, if you have a big arse heat exchanger it would probbaly help.

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Unfortunately I have not had time to go to the track yet. I do understand the importance of boost/heat efficiency. That's why I would like to know which pulley is the most efficient. I honestly do not know how to tell. :confused:


As far as it goes, I have the stock Magna Charger cooler.

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