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:banghead: Hello Everyone


I have a question about the (I think steering).

Have my car about a half year and yesterday it's starting too peep. When i apply the brake and steering to the right,and when my foot is of the brake the peeping stop's!!

The peeping come's from underneed the dash.


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Out of all seriousness are you sure its not coming from your trailer control under the dash? My trailer control box "peeps," I would say it sounds more like a "click" when I apply the brakes than an easter candy....


maybe this is what he is making reference to :dunno:

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I know you said the sound comes from under the dash, but could it be coming from your brake pad wear indicators?



Yes i'm sure the sound comes from under the dash(not my brake indicators),i now that sound!

I'm a mecanic.

Im sure it's a electric (sorry guys) PEEP,nothing to do with bare metal on metal.

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