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Transfer case vent

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When I had my converter installed, the trans shop snapped off my transfer vent elbow. The guy installed a regular axle/trans vent in it's place but he did tell me about it. I noticed that it was leaking a little bit so he got me a new elbow and I installed it. Well, when I was pilling on the vent hose that goes onto the elbow I pulled it out, and there was a smaller hose say 7/32 that also hooks up on the other end and of course I pulled it off. My question is...does this go to the transmission? I would like to have it hooked up correctly, but I can't tell where in the hell it goes. Thanks



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:repost:  The transmission and transfer case share the same vent "system" like so:




Mr. P. :)

That makes complete sence because even if the drain end is completely submerged it can't suck up water as long as the vent at the top isn't plugged.

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