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Wierd Computer problem, some assistance


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My computer is running great and giving me no problems for the most part but something keeps happening that I cannot figure out to stop. Whenever I re-boot my comp it boots up like normal and everythingbut when i click on IE or Mozilla it goes to my homepage but the background is white, although all the lettering and everything is there. My home page is hotmail.com so it has a blue background for the most part, but on start up it has a white one instead.


What I have to do is close out IE or Mozilla hit shift+alt+prt scr/Sys Rq and it will I guess set everything back to normal, then when i open up the internet it is back to normal. Any ideas how to make it so it stays this way after boot-up and i dont have to do that shift+ stuff. I'm guessing there is something i need to do to make sure it saves or something. Just thought i would ask

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Try going to Control Panel, Accessibility Options, then go to the Display tab.  Make sure the Use High Contrast check box is not checked.

nope not checked, to fix it all i have to do is hit the shift+alt+prt scr key so i'm assuming is has to do with a setting that works with that somehow but i dont know what that is :banghead:

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Well, when common sense fails.... How about putting a check mark there, rebooting, check website to see what changes, if anything, removing check mark, reboot again and see if the problem persists. :dunno:

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