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GM High Tech Performance sold my name


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When I subscribed I told them I wanted no junk mail whatsoever. Turns out they flagged my account to not receive junk email, but they sold my name and address on a list to other companies willing to buy it. As a result, I received the first of what I expect to be numerous junk mail catalogs from vendors today.


I called GMHTP, cancelled my subscription, and asked for a refund.


It's too bad companies have to do sleazy things like that. They don't realize that the relationship I have with them is by consent, and if they want to sell my name, they need to ask me first. Right now the law doesn't make them ask, you have to tell them not to do it (they won't tell you they're going to do it, but you still have to assume they will and tell them not to...B.S. in my opinion).


The way I look at it, if they sell my name, they need to give me a cut of what they're selling that list for, since it's my name they're making money off of. Of course, that doesn't happen. GMHTP's excuse was, "Well, all magazines do it." That's no excuse for sleazy behavior, IMO. Just because you can do it doesn't mean it's smart or right to do it.


Regardless, I specifically asked them not to do what they did, and they went ahead and did it anyway. So either the first person lied when they said they were flagging my account for no junk mail, or they screwed up. Either way, they lost my business and subscription money for good, forever.

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Those bass--turds :smash:

Hmmmmm....if people could get a cut of the money everytime their name was sold(and the cut was good), I'd be putting my name up on ebay. :jester:

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