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nor cal meet modesto,ca june 25th 2006

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This is the thread that will post the details and confirmed members attending.



Beyer High Community Park

3700 Beyer Park Drive

Modesto, CA



Sunday, June 25th, 2006 (OK so we'll do a sunday)

9am - ???



1. TIMSPEED (I'll most likely have my C10 plus two other tricked out C10's)

2. HighRollin (with possibly other trucks)

3. RnuovZ71

4. Blaze5509

5. ccreddell

6. Cuztom90

7. Nagual

8. DumpedV8 (Plus 2 others)

9. Damian

10. LOGAN2575

11. Eastbay Ryda (Tentatively)

12. Loki

13. Casey97Z71

14. Wilbilt

15. Blackfoot

16. BirchSSClone

17. DenMason

18. WestCoast

19. Rob4x4 (Tentatively)

20. Mike

21. Norcalrydes

22. 96LiftedTahoe

23. Beans (With two other trucks)

24. BlueIce

25. CantKillIntegrity

26. Tuckin20

27. Slammedchevy01

28. 05chevyblkedout

29. angleofdeath

30. oranglek5

31. Maruo

32. ituck22s




RnuovZ71 - BBQ, Hot Dogs

Blaze5509 - chip/salsa and paper plates

BlueIce - Hamburger Patties/Buns

LOGAN2575 - Potato Salad

Loki - BEEEEEER! and BEEEEEF! :)

DumpedV8 - Napkins, Utensils

Tuckin20 - Condiments

96LiftedTahoe - Chips/Dip

Slammedchevy01 - Water Bottles

Ccreddell - Vegetarian products

Beans - Desert Products


So, post up if you can make it, and what you want to bring to eat/drink/f*ck with.


this is a joint meet with FSC, GMFULLSIZE, SILVERADOSS.COM, and SHOWTRUCKSCENE.com

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