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I just tried the new Turttle Wax Ice

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My truck is my everyday driver and don't have time to wax, so when I heared about th Ice I gave it a try. I have to say it is extremly easy to use and I even waxed the black plastic around the side rear view mirrors and they turned out great. You just upply it let sit for 3-5 min and buff off almost jus wipe off. It came with the applicator and a microfiber towel. The bottle was full wen I started and when I was done I only uded about 1oz -1.5oz. here are the results.


Started out looking like this:



After wash and wax:








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I would agree with you. I used it on my truck about 2 weeks ago. I even applied it in direct sunlight in 90 degree weather. I had no problems with it what so ever. Its super easy and super fast. But the thing i can tell is that its more or less a polish that works great on good paint. But if you have swirls or scratches you prob need a good wax with sort of compund.

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Looks good, may have to give it a go.  Is it just me or does or plate look a little of center to the left?



Yea, it to the side a little. I'll be removing it soon. Fix it tickets here I come.

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