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Feeling depressed so...


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Rollin on new Prada's






Bonus! Sorry bout the pic but they F'd this wheel up and had the nerve to tell me it was already there probably from a curb. Goin in today to "see" the manager


While were on the subject of my pain, anyone know how to remove paint spill?



Tires ride great so far only 20 miles, tooearly to comment much, especially since I have unresolved issues with the dealer. If he don't make me happy, he may receive $1800 worth of new/used tires back (new Michelines on the wifes busurban.

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that sucks. I had a place do that on my beater's rims. No big deal since it's just my work car so I let it go. If it would have been my SS I would have went off. I keep it in great shape since it spends 5 days in the garage during the week :banghead: . Wish I didn't have to drive so far to my job. Don't let them oush this off on you. Let them know exactly what this truck means to you and how you know every little ding or mark on it and you know the rims were flaw less.

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Well, the mgr was no help, he insists there's no way their machine could damage wheels like that. These people are very personable and helpful, so I don't know what to do. I've actually been considering getting my wheels powdercoated differently anyway. I'm leaning towards machined polished face with black all inside. Only prob with machined look is getting centercaps color matched. Any thoughts?

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Had the "oppurtunity" to try the new Prada's out in the heavy rain today. They stick awesome! I can usually break loose in a couple of prime spots around town when its wet out, not with these.

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