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B&B Catback System

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B&B is scheduled to come in today. When I get it I'm thinkin about powder coatin the tip and part of the pipe that is in view black, because I'm goin for an all black and gray look. I know its my truck and I'm gonna do whatever I like, but just wanted to know some of your thoughts? Also I'll have some Before/After pics up here in a couple weeks as soon as I finish it :thumbs:


Heres the stock vs. B&B pic:






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From what I've seen of the B&B exhaust, it looks nice, and sounds nice, but just not loaud enough for me. Its also a little pricey. Put a sound clip up when you get it installed.  :thumbs:


Is that based on hearing the sound clip online or from hearing it in person?


I got so sick of the flowmaster and the e-cutouts on my last truck :puke: That drone would drive me crazy...I've always been into loud nice sounding exhaust, but after goin through that with my last truck I'm actually lookin forward to somthin not too loud. I'll try to figure out how to do sound clips though :dunno: Do you know how?

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I have seen and heard in real life. If you are sick of the Flowmaster sound, I don't think you will be disappointed with this system. I have never tired to do a sound clip, so maybe someone will chime in and shed some light on that.

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Got the B&B installed, sounds pretty good. Nice and deep and not too much drone but alittle bit at certain speeds. I'm getting these crazy ideas about buying a corsa and seein which I like better then selling one...I don't know :dunno: ....How much do you think i could get selling one of these systems used?

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