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Just ordered my headers


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Just ordered a set of pacesetter long tubes :D . Just wish they were here already :lol: Not sure wether or not to take the cats out, no emission inspections here, any opinions on it. I'll have a few more mods before summers end, hopefully some trannys mods :jester:

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Need any help, let me know.

Sure will, did you have any problems on fitting them in the truck (not talking about making the connection to the rest of the exhaust).

My thing right now is should I run with or w/out the cats :dunno:

I know on my last truck (97 Z71) I had headers, no cats, 2 1/2" exhaust with flowmasters and it made abig difference. I know they are 2 different trucks but I'm sure it will make a difference. Any thoughts.

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Whether you put on cats or not is purely up to you since you say you don't need them. I put some on thinking it would take some of the narliness out of the exhaust note, but it didn't help it much.


As far as fitting in the truck - bring both sides up from the bottom. Passenger side will kick your a**, but will go up with someone on the top and bottom. Driver's side, just go ahead and disconnect your steering shafts (just one nut) and pull them apart and let them lay down out of the way. Don't really need two people there, but it's nice to have.

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