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'98 T/A Roller


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I was gonna build this...BUT I found another house I wanna buy so I need to sell some toys/projects quick!


roughly 74,000 on car

Interior is gutted with the exception of the center console, carpet and a plastic race seat. 5pt wolfe roll cage (weld in).


Here is what is included with the car:


Front QA1's

tubular adj LCA's

tubular adj panhard

tubular torque arm (floor mounted not tranny)

Camaro SS 35th LE wheels


walbro 255 pump with fuel PSI gauge

SLP line lock

Bare basics under the hood as far as accessories go I.E. alternator, fans, water pump, coil packs with MSD wires,



Brian (707)249-0717


th_launch.jpg th_car16gh.jpg th_inside8op.jpg th_62514478BFORXx_fs.jpg


th_48976976nuljXU_fs.jpg th_48976901nJPFju_fs.jpg th_48976812KXjCVg_fs.jpg

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Man I wish I could pick that up too!


I am in the housemarket myself right now.. time to grow.


I am defintely going to put out the word locally thats a hell of a deal..


Any intrest in selling those 35th ann rims? are they clean?? no scrapes?

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